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A White South Jersey Federal Judge Tosses out another case with No Regard for black and Latino inmates who are living in Camden Counties Deplorable conditions. The judge and media have teamed up to spin the story and claim the complaints were frivolous when in fact, the claims are not frivolous, they are credible.

Simandle is highly connected to South Jerseys political boss, George E. Norcross III who has habitually meddled in cases that are against him and those who are his allies. Simandle should be under investigation for misconduct and fraud. He had tossed many civil rights cases recklesslyband then had it spun and reported to the press to cover up his absent minded rulings The South Jersey courts have a history of being corrupt.

Norcross may be using his influence in the PA courts which should be investigated Lewis Katz has concerns about the meddling of Norcross and influences he uses on judges to violate the color of law and wrongfully dismiss cases of massive civil rights violations Judge Simandle leaks opinions and stories to the press and Norcross has a paid off report plaster the negative story to appear at the top of search engines. Norcross's daughter Lexie who has faced criticism for her leadership of the website and background, varying from being hired right after quitting college and possessing zero journalism experience to criticism over news judgment and for directing the website to highlight trashy gossip stories and clickbait over real, local news Norcross and Simandle have destroyed lives and disregarded civil rights This reckless behavior enabled cyber harassment; Ponzi Schemes and acts of racial inequality Both Simandle and Norcross are a vile disgrace to the justice system Norcross is a serious problem and should be indicted along with anyone partaking in this unjust political corruption

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People everywhere else in the world hear the term "South Jersey" and think it is a synonym for "Corrupt multiethnic and unclean."


Simandle and. Or else have a history of corruption. It will catch up with them

Karma is a SOB


Can't wait for Norcross to go down be It cancer or indictment

Just go down

East Orange, New Jersey, United States #1259120

So let me understand this. Jail is dirty and not a nice clean place?

ITS JAIL! And black and latinos have to deal with this only? Oh the judge was white? Man this person has a license to be a racist.

Yes this works all ways. If you don't want to be judged for your color don't view yourself as a color and be a person not a group.

Hey, can't do the time then don't do the crime. Period!

to Anonymous Runnemede, New Jersey, United States #1259471

Norcross and Simandle will do time soon

They can share with big Tyrone And Whitey

Runnemede, New Jersey, United States #1258731

Norcross uses cops and

Dogs on people of color

Norcross known to meddle in media and *** into private computers, emails,text and phone calls. Racketeering and and violating security

Police Escape Charges In 96 Percent Of Civil Rights Cases: Report

Between 1995 and 2015, prosecutors turned down 12,703 potential civil rights violations out of 13,233 total complaints.

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